Patriot IT’s DNA can be found in the knowledge and experience of founder and president, Marty Wilkins. Marty specialized in logistics at his posting to a U.S. Navy supply vessel. His responsibilities included the management of logistics required for carrier task forces. The berth required conformance with the highest level of national security. . . he maintains a ‘top secret clearance. Patriot-Delivers™ encompasses all logistics, handling, and transportation of IT Equipment. It is well-recognized that data center migration — from rack-to-rack or facility-to-facility requires the utmost care, control – and to satisfy a host of regulations — documentation.
Patriot Deliver was developed by Patriot IT Solutions to meet these needs.

This Table presents a sampling of the system’s attributes.
The system is fully integrated, automated, and remotely operated. Its purpose is to collect, process, and report information on a migration Including the technician’s time, expenses (with receipt images), photos, documents, etc. resulting from each step of the move.
Since real-time information collected from the field is desired. It is designed in a manner that lack of cell tower access is not a factor. Should there be a lack of service, technicians can utilize the input forms off-line and download them to the servers when service is available.